Pop’s Omelet Commentary

so pop’s omelet was a success. it was delicious. it was a great combo of textures and flavors. the mustard and salami was perfectally balanced out by the cottage cheese. i personally think that i shouldve added more grape nuts, but my dad thought it was stupendous.

on the menu i said no garlic, but i added garlic. it was a wise choice. also, i used sliced salami. note for next time: buy a big thing of salami and cut into cubes. it would have added to the salaminess of it all. plus, it would have been easier to measure out in the preliminary stages.

overall, im very proud of my first official killer omelet of the blog.

if you have any ideas, suggestions, let me know! i hope you enjoy this blog!


2 Responses to “Pop’s Omelet Commentary”

  1. mollymulsh Says:

    wow danny! cottage cheese on an omelet…inspired.

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