Mom’s Omelet Commentary

so this was another success. i basically just took all of the stuff that my mom likes to eat, threw it in the pan, and just added eggs. actually, it was boxed eggs, my mom likes them because theyre healthier (this really didn’t have much of an impact for better or worse, in terms of taste).

note: no cheese was requested.

the omelet was good. immediately i got a “mmmm” from my mom, so she liked it off the bat. the mix of the textures was good. however, too many cashews this time. they were all over the place. the rest of it blended nicely. my mom said she would write a review for it soon; she ate most of it, so look foward to that.

from what i tasted through, this was delicious.


One Response to “Mom’s Omelet Commentary”

  1. Mom Says:

    What I liked about this omelet; all my favorite foods in one dish – all healthy ingredients. I prefer using boxed eggs when more than one egg is in a recipe, keeping my cholesterol down. The best part about this omelet is that Danny made it for me. I’m looking forward to future killer omelets.

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