Oh So Sweet Omelet

this omelet was great.  all of the flavors really came through and mixed well to create a fruity omelet which was the ultimate goal. originally i was just going to go along with the “appleberry omelet” (see below) but i guess i got carried away. it happens! i think the best element was definitely the walnuts. they were spread out well and added a nice crunch to the meal.

for next time: thinner slices of banana, thicker chunks of apple.  the berries were frozen, so they had a lot of syrup. i thought that this would be good, but it ended up making the omelet a bit soggy. next time: use fresh berries. my dad took a bite and enjoyed the omelet. afterwords he commented and thought that pecans would be a great alternative. i agree. so next time ill give that a go.  while eating, i tried putting a little chocolate syrup on a bite. it was awesome. so i think not only if people prefer they can put on chocolate syrup, but i think that if they would enjoy putting maple syrup on it, that would be a wise choise as well. maybe even a scoop of vanilla ice cream? i don’t know, this isn’t a belgium waffle, its an omelet! maybe there is some way to add some cheese? ricotta? cottage? cream cheese? i think if there was cream cheese on the toast it was have been great.

tip for next time: reoil the pan, the  fluffy omelet sticks easily to the pan.

word up!


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