American Omelet

This omelet was great, but there are still things to learn from it.

This omelet tasted exactly what you think an omelet with hamburger, hot dog and cheese would taste like. the original recipe called for A1 sauce which i think would have been excellent on the toast, however, we didn’t have any in the house. so i chose the mastperpiece BBQ sauce, because that’s what we had. it’s a sweeter BBQ sauce which balanced out the strong flavor of the hot dog and complemented the hamburger well. the next issue, the hot dog had a much stronger flavor than the hamburger. the hamburger was much more subtle and more of a background flavor. plus, the hot dog was cut into more pieces than the hamburger, so it was all over the place, while the hamburger was concentrated into bigger pieces. not the biggest issue, but maybe for next time i’ll do something to balance that out.  maybe even smaller pieces of hot dog? maybe ill use ground beef throughout the omelet instead of cutting up patty? who knows. in this omelet, like the ravioli omelet, i used fake eggs to watch my chloresterol. i once again think this hindered the full flavor of the omelet. please, it was still a delicious omelet, but it could have been that much more.

the day i made this was the first day we fired up the grill at my house, which made me pull the trigger on this omelet. note: the hot dog and hamburger were grilled before they were put in the frying pan. although, they could’ve probably been cooked in the pan, i figured it should be grilled like a real american would. everything always tastes better on the grill.

it might have been interesting to put relish, sauerkraut, mayo or mustard on this one. maybe even some grilled veggies? basically anything that could be put on a grill could’ve been added. it could been good. this is what i had, so this is what i did; nice and simple. this would have been good with a beer as well. i had oj which is always a good choice.

i wouldn’t really change anything about this omelet except for next time to use real eggs, and possibly try some different condiments. maybe even some french fries?

overall, a winner.


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