Ravioli Omelet

so this omelet was another blunder.

Ingredients: spinach/cheese ravioli, sliced almonds, garlic, onion, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese; key: fake eggs.

i think the concept of this omelete was a good idea, but the execution was something to learn from. the first downfall of this omelet was using boxed (fake) eggs. i’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately so i figured i would use these to watch my chloresterol but still be able to make some omelets. this does two things: really hinders the strength/form of the omelet and really doesn’t taste as good as real eggs. the omelet was very sloppy. i tried to balance it out by putting all of the ravs on one side and then simply making a flap to cover them with the other half. it didn’t work. it was not flipable. some people dont feel the need to cook both sides of their omelets, i do. it fell apart and i fully blame the fake eggs.

the next mistake: too many almonds. not only there were too many almonds, but theyre were sliced, when they should’ve been crushed. sometimes there were bites where sliced almonds got stuck in my throat and it wasn’t pleasant.  just look at the picture, there are WAY too many almonds.

this omlete was really heavy. it was hard to eat the whole thing. it just sat in my stomach. the taste of the omelet was good. the combo of the tomato sauce/parm cheese/ravs were very tasty, because that is a staple meal. putting this in an omelet however, wasn’t so smooth. whatever, i dont need to make it again.

the avocado served to be pointless. it usually helps the dish, but this time i could barely even taste it. it was suffocated by everything else. not to the avocados fault though. there wasnt enough of it, and there was too much of everything else.

so i learned my lesson. if you have any tips/commentary/suggestions, please let me know!


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