Darn Good Omelet

this omelet was darn good.

i think the key to this omelet was the mesquite turkey. it really had a ton of flavor and when it is cooked until it is crispy, it is nothing but delicious. once again, i think i added too many nuts. note for next time: put less nuts that i think would be necessary. unlike the last time i put cashews in the mix though, i crushed them which definitely added to the flavor and was much better than chewing on whole chashews. however, with peanuts, i think its nice to have them whole.

so a new element: shredded potatoes. my mom picks up these mini potatoes that i usually just cut into slices and throw them in the pan. this is good because you take bites and all of a sudden you have a big potato texture and flavor going on. i enjoy this. but i was thinking about my recent trip to new orleans and all of the waffle houses that we stopped at. they serve their hashbrowns shredded and extra crispy. i figured i would try and do the same. the upside: there was an subtle potato flavor throughout the omelet which i thoroughly enjoyed. the downside: it was a subtle flavor throughout the entire omelet and it wasn’t too strong. also, they didn’t get as crispy as i envisioned. which brings me to my next point.

what i usually do with the omelets its just throw all of the ingredients into the pan at once and just let them sit together and become wonderful. what i’m starting to realize though is that i cannot continue to do this. i need to start with some ingredients, and when they are done, add in the rest. simply, some things just take longer to cook than others.

another thing, once the eggs are in the pan, i get very anxious. all i want to do is flip it over and see what’s goin on on the other side. what i should do is let it cook longer than i usually would let it on the initial egg-adding. this will do two things: 1) make it easier to flip. the more the eggs are cooked, the sturdier they get. 2) will get a nice golden brown coloring and flavoring, instead of a fluffier and softer egg. i prefer it golden rather than soft. but that’s just me.

over all, this was an awesome omelet. i completely attribute that to the turkey. the rest of the ingredients were excellent, but i can/have never go/gone wrong with it. usually i throw in the burrito guts/wrap and take out the cashews and that would be an OG Omelet; my go to.

word up, enjoy.


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