Mac N’ Cheese Omelet

so before you get too into it, let me give a little backstory.

when i was little a childhood friend came over. we had mac n’ cheese for dinner. he asked for Doritos, no issue. we just happened to have some. he took a handful, crunched them up, and then mixed it into his bowl of mac n’ cheese. i was blown away. at first i thought it was a little weird, but then i tried it. it was great. what’s not to love?! it’s just more cheesy goodness with crunch! so if this seems a little over the top to you, i cannot take credit for it.

so this omelet was as amazing at it looks. there are a few things to comment on though:

1) i should’ve used a bigger pan. i didn’t realize how much mac n’ cheese one of those single containers of Kraft made. it wasn’t a huge problem, it would have just made the fold that much easier, and it would have covered all of the mac n’ cheese. now that i think of it, putting it in a wrap wouldn’t have been a terrible idea either. it would have made it much easier to eat.

2) what you’ll see in the picture below is that i sprinkled some dry basil seasoning onto the mac before i added the Doritos. definitely a great decision. it added some freshness and a lil’ somthin’ somthin’ to the omelet.

3) i originally wasn’t going to put onions in the omelet. but i was getting a little concerned that there wasn’t enough going on with the omelet. i knew i had to add something else besides the chips and the mac. this summer when i was interning i went to this place called “SuperMac” and they had amazing French Onion mac n’ cheese. so i was inspired. i put in some onions. i don’t want to say it was an amazing decision, but it definitely helped diversify the omelet and brought something to the table.

4) i let my anxiety get the best of me again. i tried to be all fancy and flip the omelet up in the air and catch it in the pan. i have done this before, and i figured with such little amount of stuff in the acutal egg, it would be an easy flip. however, i didn’t wait long enough for the egg to cook and it was still super soft. if i had waited an extra 5 minutes it would have been much easier to do. it wasn’t a big deal though, i got MOST of it in the pan. it just hindered the folding described in #1.

overall, great omelet. definitely some things are going to change for this guy next time. definitely less mac ‘n cheese, bigger pan, stir the chips into the mac in cheese instead of putting them on top, and a few other things probably.

i’m sure it jacked up my chloresterol, but whatever. in the game of omelets, anything goes.


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