PassLeftOver Omelet

so this omelet was officially the first omelet was was not completely consumed. i blame the brisket, but we will get to that later.

i made this omelet for my dad. i didn’t really eat a ton of it except for a few bites. it tasted like brisket, with a lot of gravy.  i would like to comment more, but i don’t recall exactly what i thought at the time. but from what i do remember:

sadly, you couldn’t really taste the eggs or matzo farvel because the gravy simply soaked into them, making them tasteless and mostly mushy. don’t get me wrong, the brisket was delicious, but you can blame my mom for that.

i’ll ask my dad to write a review of it. he will have more insight.

the real issue here was the amount of brisket. i saved some from huge tupperwear that my mom was keeping in the fridge specifically for the omelet. i saved too much. i just put whatever i saved into the omelet and called it a day. mistake. it was HUGE. my dad had to take some out just to attempt to eat this guy. to top that off, he couldn’t even finish it. whatever, i will get over it.

second problem: too much gravy. wayyy too much gravy. in retrospect, i shouldn’t have put any gravy on in the first place. the brisket had enough flavor as it was, no need for it. but i thought it would be a good idea at the time, plus it made it look more interesting. as my dad said about this omelet,  and i cannot believe i would ever hear these words, “too much brisket.”  too much of a good thing.

something i learned: i spoke in past posts about not putting all of the ingredients into the pan at one time. this time i decided to saute the onions and garlic first, knowing that they take longer than everything else. i can’t say it was a drastic difference (this time it wasn’t nearly the strongest flavor in the omelet), but it is a good habit to start getting into.

well, i gave it a shot. there is a strong chance i will never attempt this omelet again. but what type of omelet blogger would i be if i didn’t even give it a chance. i am an equal opportunity omelet maker.


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