Let’s get real people…

hello readers,

there is something i would like share with you, and now i think is the most appropriate moment.

so, let’s get something straight. i love omelets. i love making them. i love smelling them. i love feeding them to people. i love eating them. i love everything about them. however, the fact remains that my chloresterol is probably THROUGH THE ROOF. the omelet business is a dangerous business. i really can’t be eating 8 eggs a week without having a triple bipass by the time im 30 (I’m 23 now).

so why am i saying this to you? yesterday i only had three hits on my blog. i don’t blame anybody, it was just one of those days. however, i haven’t been this low in weeks. i understand if there is no new post, why should you look at it daily? i completely understand. what i am trying to express is that this isn’t a daily blog, it is an “as i make omelets” blog.

so to wrap things up, i am trying to encourage you to make your own omelets. make some amazing creation, take pictures and write about it, and i will GLADLY put it up on the blog. i would be happy to hear of other enthusiastic omelet makers. it would be fun to see, plus, it would keep the hits more consistent on the blog.  it doesn’t have to be so super crazy, just get a little creative. honestly, if it was just a cheese omelet, i would probably put that up too. so please, i know you’re out there, if you love them omelets, go ahead, make yourself a tasty meal, take some pictures, write about it and send it my way.

i cannot wait to see what you have come up with.



ps. i am still up for your omelet challenges. send those my way too.

pps. my email is killeromelets@gmail.com

ppps. please leave comments on the omelets you like/don’t like! any suggestions/ideas/feedback is always welcomed.


4 Responses to “Let’s get real people…”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’d like to issue a challenge. Lets get outside the box for a “boxer challenge.” We all know you make killer omeletes. We also know Stallone is a killer. When he needs to bulk up in Rocky, he drinks raw eggs. Grossface, right? I challenge you to come up with a raw egg protien drink that’s actually palatable. Extra points if you show yourself drinking it.

    Possible secondary challenge. The red eye omelete. Red Eye as I’m sure you’ve picked up at the ‘Wich is often used as a hangover remedy. In this drink, an egg is cracked into a Bloody Mary style cocktail. As a chronic hangover sufferer and lover of omeletes, I’d love to see you explore this.

    • killeromelets Says:

      both of those things sound DISGUSTING. lets stick to omelets and not raw-egg drinks. haha.

      points for creativity. well done.

  2. Tavis Says:

    I will take up your challenge and make the world’s hottest omelette: the Megadeath burger is my inspiration (http://quest-news.whereilive.com.au/news/story/world-s-hottest-burger-goes-online/)

    • killeromelets Says:

      do your worst.
      it sounds dangerous.
      best of luck my friend. i hope you make it out alive,

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