Momma’s and Poppa’s Pizza Sandwiches

the first pizza sandwich was awesome. for a refresher, check these links:

i had left over dough, obviously i had to make more sandwiches with it.

before we really get into the thick of things, there aren’t a lot of my dad’s sandwich because by the time i made his, my hands were super messy and i didn’t want to get the camera all-gooed-up. it was basically the same thing except with different ingredients, and a hole in the sie of it that leaked the egg everywhere.

Mom’s Sandwich: turkey, brie, asparagus, onions, garlic, sprinkled basil on top

Pop’s Sandwich: avocado, brie (and then eventually i put the leftover onions and garlic from mom’s into it)

so i started off well, got all of my ingredients cooked/prepped and ready to be put into the sandwich. mom’s sandwich was inpsired by an awesome panini sandwich i recently got when i was visiting my bro in brooklyn with my dad. we went to this little bar/sandwich place and i ordered it, it was excellent (they put cranberry stuff on their sandwich which was awesome, but i didn’t). the sandwich was simply turkey, brie, asparagus and cranberry stuff. i added onions/garlic because i think all good omelets can be helped with some onions and garlic. so there.

what i originally wanted to do was put this into muffin tins and make them much smaller. that way i could line the muffin tins with dough, put all the ingredients in, and then put a layer of dough on top and crimp the edges to make something that looked like a chicken pot pie. i was going to call this “the real egg mcmuffin.” however, i couldn’t find the muffin tin, so i did what i thought would be best; which ended up not being the wisest of route.

last time i made the pizza sandwich i used one egg and significantly less ingredients in a much bigger bowl. for some reason i made the idiotic decision of putting two eggs and significantly more ingredients into a smaller bowl.  unfortunately, by the time i realized this, egg was all over the place. i had to figure out a way to seal the dough together to make something like a pouch with all of the ingredients in it. this is why i wanted to use the muffin tins. i though that simply folding over the dough would work, like i said in the last pizza sandwich commentary. this very will still might work, but i didn’t use the right bowl. really, the biggest problem of these sandwiches was the logistics of making it work. i should’ve thought it through a little more. what ended up happening, as you can see in the pictures below, is the egg overflowed. i did my best to salvage them, but most of the eggs on the inside of the sandwich leaked to the outside and simply became a glaze for the pizza dough. not the worst thing, but it wasn’t the egg sandwich i was expecting

the most important part of any of these creations, no matter how look or if they met my expectations, is the taste.

Mom’s: awesome. delicious. the brie was super gooey and the creaminess of it really mixed with the smokey flavor of the turkey. the issue i had with this sandwich was the layering. i should have put the turkey on they bottom, to act kind of like a shelf to hold everything else up. this would have helped the structural strength of the sandwich significantly. i also would have been able to add more onion/asparagus which could’ve been nice. the asparagus/onion flavor isn’t nearly as strong as the cheese/turkey, so adding that could’ve really enhanced the flavor of the sandwich as a whole.

Pop’s: ehhhh. ummm. not the choices of ingredients i would have picked, but my dad insisted on not having meat in it and definitely wanted avocado. i was game to put the avocado in, but i’ve never used it before in an omelet, let alone cook it. this sandwich was pretty bland/boring. there wasn’t really enough of anything going on in this guy. all of the ingredients were pretty subtle and didn’t have any ‘pop’, get it?!

the real issue with this sandwich is that i have NO clue how to use pizza dough correctly. i had waaaaay to much dough on top of this one which made this sandwich more pizza dough than anything else. i find it difficult to thin out without breaking. if anybody has any tips on how to do this more effeciently than with a rolling pin, please let me know.

note: whenever i make my mom an omelet, as well as this sandwich, she always complains that it’s enormous and that she’s not going to be able to eat the whole thing and that she’s going to be full before she’s halfway done. for the record, not ONCE has she not been able to finish an omelet. i blame my good cookin’.

once again, if you have any comments/suggestions/tips/ideas/whatever feel free to leave a comment below.


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