Mock Burrito Omelet

so this omelet came out of desperation. a big stable of my diet here at home is the frozen burrito. although it hasn’t been involved too much since i have created this blog, the frozen burrito is also a very common ingredient in my omelets. however, by some nasty force in the world, my house was out of frozen burritos. i had to do something about it. i decided to make a mock burrito omelet consisting of all of the ingredients a frozen burrito would have, plus a little more. it was delicious.

so the first picture below is all of the ingredients: hot peppers, beef flavored rice-a-roni, garlic and pepper seasoning, cajun seasoning, beans and montreal steak seasoning. i really wanted the beans to be hot. the beans had some KICK. the spicy beans plus the hot sauce definitely brought some heat. it was awesome.

although i didn’t need to, i thought it was a good idea to put the beans in a pot first with some water to get the spices mixed around. i ended up drainging the beans of the water because the beans were just chilling in the water not doing anything.  if i just put them in the pan and mixed in the ingredients it would have done the same thing. whatever.

i am starting to realize that i am bad at judging how much stuff needs to go into the middle of the omelet. i should have put less rice into the middle. don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but a little less would have let the other flavors really come out as well. also, possibly too many beans. i think it might have overpowered the egg flavor. it was good though, no doubt.

the guacamole was a last minute addition when i realized we had some in the fridge. yum. the sad thing though is that the wrap i then realized was WAY to small for the omelet. i had to use toothpicks to keep it together. whatever, you win some you lose some.

so overall this was a good omelet. i think that my major issue, as with most of my omelets, is working out the best proportions. this will become better with time though. i haven’t made any of these omelets over again. so maybe on the 2nd round of making some of these, i will learn from them and they will be better.

i like this one though and hopefully ill make one like it again. the past omelets i have had were delicious, but this one i would really call “full flavored” because it had a wide variety of flavors and textures.  awesome.


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