Shane’s Omelet

i think that this was probably one the simplest tasting omelets i have made, but definitely one of the ones i have enjoyed the most. plus, it was decently healthy.

this omelet was inspired by my friend Shane’s spinach and ricotta roll ups that he makes with filo dough. it’s always a tasty combo and i thought it would be excellent in an omelet. i talked to Shane a while back and in true vegetarian fashion, he suggested to put tofu in the omelet as well; done (if you look in “The Menu” and check out the original recipe for “Shane’s Omelet”, it is only spinach and ricotta i think). before i made this, i called up Shane asking him specifically about the tofu i should get, how to prepare it and how to cook it.  he also suggested marinating the tofu in balsamic vinegar. so kudos to Shane for the ideas/help.

let it be said that this is offically the first time i have ever cooked with tofu. Shane warned me it was going to fall apart, but i really had no clue what to expect. it was tedious to be so gentle with the tofu and pressing it enough (i wasted a ton of paper towels). whatever. after pressing them i just figured the best way to marinate them would be to pour the vinegar on top. it didn’t work out a well as i planned. although there was a slight hint of balsamic, it should have been a little stronger. besides that, the tofu could have been cooked a little more to make it a little crispier. but, oh well.

however, the tofu did make the omelet really light and almost dissolve in your mouth. it was an excellent texture mixed with the creaminess of the ricotta.

i made a point to not overdue it with the ricotta. in the past, i have overloaded the omelet with too much ‘stuff’ in the middle (i.e. the rice in the mock burrito omelet). this proved to pay off. the proportions of ricotta to rest of omelet were excellent. spinach and ricotta is excellent together.

so if you read in my ‘mock burrito omelet’ that i am dealing with some very small wraps. last time fully wrapping the omelet was a challenge. this time, i did something new. my mom suggested that i take the ingredients out of the pan, put the wrap at the bottom, put the ingredients back in and then pour on the eggs and the wrap will do the work for you. it worked. it put the wrap in the middle of the omelet and still cooked the eggs fully. plus, it made the structure of the omelet much stronger and thus, easier to flip.

i don’t think i would really change anything about this omelet, except to learn how to cook with tofu better. it was awesome. although my mom ate most of  it, the bites i had were delicious.


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