Sweet N Salty Omelet

first of all, kudos to The Chic Girl (www.twitter.com/thechicgirl) for creating this idea. this is officially the first completion of The Omelet Challenge. please, if you have ANY ideas, please let me know and i will be happy to give it a whirl. thanks chic girl!

this omelet was more sweet than it was salty. it was good, but definitely should’ve been saltier. i thought it tasted much better when i sprinkled some salt on the top of the omelet and then ate it. the salt really made the flavors much stronger.

what i liked best about this omelet was definitely the turkey bacon (i ain’t down with the pig). the hearty/robust flavor of the bacon mixed with the sweetness of the strawberries was awesome. it might sound weird, bacon and strawberries, but really, it was excellent. the thing is that the strawberries were supersweet and really overpowered the total flavor of the omelet. next time ill figure out how to counteract this. maybe smaller piece of strawberries. or maybe even putting the strawberries into the eggs, and the bacon in the center. who knows…we will see. also, next time, more chocolate syrup. you couldn’t even taste it.

my biggest issue was with the eggs themselves. whipping the eggs was no problem. i also put a few packets of splenda into the whipped egg whites to make them sweet (like in marange). this didn’t really have much of an effect. although tasting the whites before cooking, they tasted sweet, after cooking the sweetness completely disappeared. it might not be worth it, but maybe i just need to add more splenda. the real issue though is how fluffy the omelets were. they weren’t nearly as fluffy as the first time i made a fluffy omelet (see the Oh So Sweet Omelet). the problem started when i tried to fold in the egg yolks. this gave me a problem last time, but not as significant as this time. before they’re folded in, the egg whites are super fluffy, but the yolks then water them down. i don’t know what to do with this besides practice to get better. although, my mom did suggest maybe putting baking powder into the fluffy whites and that will really make them light. so maybe i’ll try that next time.

that’s really it for this omelet. it was pretty delicious, but like always, there are things i would do differently to make it better for next time.

once again, thanks for the chic girl for the idea. i hope you like it!

ps. the omelet is not as burnt as it looks. i just used the same pan to fry the turkey bacon as i did cook the omelet. note: i did not clean it in between. whoops. whatever.


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