The Deal

hey people,

so i have good news and bad news. which do you want first?….good news it is then.

the good news: i landed an AWESOME internship at a start-up company called Playback Clothing in Brooklyn. so far i’m having a blast; the people are chill, the work is interesting/fun/valuable and the company is really something i can get behind. Playback makes clothing out of recycled materials (plastic PET bottles and cotton scraps from cutting room floors) and turns them into awesome t-shirts and hoodies. the big deal is that they use the natural colors of the recycleables, so no extra super-harmful dyes are used, unlike other “organic” and “bamboo” brands. so really, this is the wave of the future in terms of eco-clothing. another cool element, theyre focusing on the music industy and plan on being at Bonnaroo and Rothbury this summer. hopefully i’ll be able to go with them! so far they have bands like DMB and John Mayer signed up to sport Playback with their merch. I’m going to be doing their PR writing/editing/social media (follow us on twitter! @playback_cloth). so far, so good.

the bad news: the omelets aren’t going to be nearly as frequent as they once were. the commute to Brooklyn isn’t that bad. i get on the 8:52 bus and get to the office around 10:07ish, and on the return i leave the office at 6:00 and get home around 7:30. the thing is that by the time i get home, i’m exhausted and don’t have the time/energy to make a decent omelet. therefore, i think i’m going to have to leave the omelets to be a weekend luxury. so, it is what it is. i guess it isn’t all that bad because the posts will now be on a quasi-schedule.

so that is the latest! later people!

much love,


ps. don’t forget, if you make an omelet, take pics and write about it, i would be happy to put it on the blog!

pps. don’t forget about the omelet challenge! come up with a fun idea and maybe i’ll make it?!

ppps. don’t forget, follow me on twitter! @killeromelets


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