Video Submission!

so not only have i been neglecting my blog, but i have been neglecting my email (you can reach me at

Joey submitted this link a while ago, showing how treat a lady-friend the morning after — a perfect occasion for an omelet. what a pick up line: “hey girl, i make killer omelets, what are you doing tonight?” if only it was that easy, i would be set!

thanks for the submission dude — good work.

great video, great omelet(s), great soundtrack, check it (for some reason i can’t embed video into wordpress, anybody got any insight?):

One Response to “Video Submission!”

  1. JOJO Says:

    Thanks for the shout out man! WordPress can be a punk like this sometimes, i can’t really remember how i used to do it before switching to blogger. Anyway keep it up with them EGGS.

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