The Queens’ Omelet

a little while ago i had the distinct pleasure of cooking for some extremely beautiful/talented/hilarious/charming/great-hugging/graceful ladies —  they laughed at me, bullied me, and eventually convinced me to make them all an omelet, but really, it was my pleasure. plus, its always nice to have assistance from individuals with such cooking prowess as they did — shout out to the all of the royalty at 58 Huntington! (sorry for the mess)

aside from the pressure of cooking for an audience that was expecting “the omelet dude” to make them an omelet, this omelet was HUGE — 6 eggs huge to be exactly. lots of peppers, almost an entire onion (excellently cut), and salt/pepper for taste were used for the base ingredients with the eggs. Then, the omelet was filled by cut cherry tomatoes and a hefty amount of mixed grated cheese. after a long cook and a tough flip, out came an omelet only meant for royalty.

good job team, hopefully well do it again sometime soon.

an omelet, truly meant for royalty

a huge omelet, just for the ladies at 58.

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