Turkey Turkey Bacon Burrito Omelet

let me first say: alliteration is awesome

originally, this was called the OG Omelet (which, if you go through past posts, all the way in the beginning, is this omelet minus the turkey bacon) but, i had turkey bacon, so i used it. this is the omelet that “started it all”. so a little back story: my mom was on some sort of crazy diet, my dad was into frozen dinners, i had to fend for myself. i was relying on frozen burritos and turkey sandwiches for most of my meals. out of some stroke of GENIUS i decided to put all it in an omelet and a few omelets later my homie Danielle said i should make a blog out of it. so here we are. in any case, this is the OG Omelet, with a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.

the fact is that this is my go-to omelet. i have never made an omelet with this combo that hasn’t been stellar. the flavors mix almost too well, and now with the turkey bacon combined with the mesquite (a type of smoke flavor) turkey, it just makes it that much heartier. the salty, the spicy, the subtle garlic kick, the hot sauce plus the beany-ness — it is like a finely woven sweater.  i wish i had more to say about this omelet, but really, it’s just awesome. this is my standard.

plus, its one of the easier ones to make.

note: this flip went very well. why? because i was patient. i really let the wrap/eggs cook for a while before flipping, making the burrito shell-like and the eggs much more congealed. this by far was one of the, literally, neatest flips i’ve ever had.

i do believe i still have a few omelets in the proverbial omelet bank, so get ready for some updates soon.

don’t forget, if you have any suggestions, i would be happy to oblidge/take some challenges!

also don’t forget, if you make an omelet, and want me to put it up on the blog, i would be happy to! email killeromelets@gmail.com with a picture and a brief discription/analysis and it will be posted!


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