The 10:30pm Ghetto Breakfast For Dinner Omelet

the saying goes: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” ah, a great quote: simple, makes sense, and is usable in many practical contexts. however, this thought is incomplete. every time this phrase is used, people neglect to consider the apples post-fall. people feel is more important to recognize a now fruitless tree, and ONE apple that has fallen relatively closely to said tree — people give no regard to the already-fallen apples that are now laying under the tree, as a whole. the question we must ask ourselves: what is the symbolism of the all of the apples, not relating to their proximity to the tree, but to each other?

…just a little philosophy to get you ready for my bro’s killer omelet.

umm, ok, so… my brother, Dave, made himself a fine meal. word. here’s what he got to say ’bout it:

Description: A late night at work, and had nothing precooked at home and all the good sandwich places didn’t seem reasonable, so the next best option was breakfast.

-x3 Extra large eggs
-Australian cheddar cheese (it seemed like a good idea)
-Strawberry Jam

Evaluation: It was delicious since I was pretty hungry, and you cant go wrong with breakfast for dinner. The australian cheddar tasted weird by itself, but it was good melted in the omelet. Toast is always good, especially with melted butter and jam.

Final Opinions:I need to work on my omelet making skills, but it was still pretty good


after Dave sent this to me, we had a little chat online regarding his cheese choice — Australian Cheddar. he said:

“you know how you shouldn’t drive when you’re tired, the same applies when buying cheese”

i guess that means, don’t buy Australian Cheddar.

Dave: good work dude! thanks for the submission — if any of you out there have made an omelet and want me to post it, send your submissions to please include a description, pic(s), and some sort of evaluation. thanks!

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