Fish n’ Chips Omelet

when i was looking for new ideas for an omelet, i went to my usual place to find inspiration — the freezer. what i found was some fish, and french fries, it seemed almost too perfect — my meal had come to me! and i thought “oh great, a fish omelet — what a novel idea!” — nope. sadly after i made this omelet i did a little internet research and fish/seafood omelets have been around the block for a while now – oh well. however, i do take credit for adding the tartar sauce and french fries, which will be discussed shortly.

so lets discuss the tartar sauce and french fries. the tartar sauce: put way too much — good idea, but a little over kill (i tend to have problems with condiment proportions).  the fries: baked, so they weren’t as delicious as possible — a bit dry. however, i did like putting the fries in the omelet — it reminded me of a fat sandwich.

i decided to use talapia, a light/flakey fish which cooks quickly and breaks rather nicely. it’s not like i had a wide variety of fish to choose from, but this happened to work out well. regarding the wrap: i was patient and really let the eggs sit and cook over the wrap — making it much more consolidated, thus making it easier to flip and fold which is essential for an omelet with a lot of bulky items in it.

as far as tastes goes, it was probably a 6.8/10 – i think the tartar sauce/frie issue really just overpowered the real potential for this omelet. i think i would be willing to try another seafood omelet, but something would need to change — it didn’t have any wow-factor this time. oh well, there is always next time.


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