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Fish n’ Chips Omelet

November 15, 2009

when i was looking for new ideas for an omelet, i went to my usual place to find inspiration — the freezer. what i found was some fish, and french fries, it seemed almost too perfect — my meal had come to me! and i thought “oh great, a fish omelet — what a novel idea!” — nope. sadly after i made this omelet i did a little internet research and fish/seafood omelets have been around the block for a while now – oh well. however, i do take credit for adding the tartar sauce and french fries, which will be discussed shortly.

so lets discuss the tartar sauce and french fries. the tartar sauce: put way too much — good idea, but a little over kill (i tend to have problems with condiment proportions).  the fries: baked, so they weren’t as delicious as possible — a bit dry. however, i did like putting the fries in the omelet — it reminded me of a fat sandwich.

i decided to use talapia, a light/flakey fish which cooks quickly and breaks rather nicely. it’s not like i had a wide variety of fish to choose from, but this happened to work out well. regarding the wrap: i was patient and really let the eggs sit and cook over the wrap — making it much more consolidated, thus making it easier to flip and fold which is essential for an omelet with a lot of bulky items in it.

as far as tastes goes, it was probably a 6.8/10 – i think the tartar sauce/frie issue really just overpowered the real potential for this omelet. i think i would be willing to try another seafood omelet, but something would need to change — it didn’t have any wow-factor this time. oh well, there is always next time.

The 10:30pm Ghetto Breakfast For Dinner Omelet

October 4, 2009

the saying goes: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” ah, a great quote: simple, makes sense, and is usable in many practical contexts. however, this thought is incomplete. every time this phrase is used, people neglect to consider the apples post-fall. people feel is more important to recognize a now fruitless tree, and ONE apple that has fallen relatively closely to said tree — people give no regard to the already-fallen apples that are now laying under the tree, as a whole. the question we must ask ourselves: what is the symbolism of the all of the apples, not relating to their proximity to the tree, but to each other?

…just a little philosophy to get you ready for my bro’s killer omelet.

umm, ok, so… my brother, Dave, made himself a fine meal. word. here’s what he got to say ’bout it:

Description: A late night at work, and had nothing precooked at home and all the good sandwich places didn’t seem reasonable, so the next best option was breakfast.

-x3 Extra large eggs
-Australian cheddar cheese (it seemed like a good idea)
-Strawberry Jam

Evaluation: It was delicious since I was pretty hungry, and you cant go wrong with breakfast for dinner. The australian cheddar tasted weird by itself, but it was good melted in the omelet. Toast is always good, especially with melted butter and jam.

Final Opinions:I need to work on my omelet making skills, but it was still pretty good


after Dave sent this to me, we had a little chat online regarding his cheese choice — Australian Cheddar. he said:

“you know how you shouldn’t drive when you’re tired, the same applies when buying cheese”

i guess that means, don’t buy Australian Cheddar.

Dave: good work dude! thanks for the submission — if any of you out there have made an omelet and want me to post it, send your submissions to please include a description, pic(s), and some sort of evaluation. thanks!

Turkey Turkey Bacon Burrito Omelet

September 24, 2009

let me first say: alliteration is awesome

originally, this was called the OG Omelet (which, if you go through past posts, all the way in the beginning, is this omelet minus the turkey bacon) but, i had turkey bacon, so i used it. this is the omelet that “started it all”. so a little back story: my mom was on some sort of crazy diet, my dad was into frozen dinners, i had to fend for myself. i was relying on frozen burritos and turkey sandwiches for most of my meals. out of some stroke of GENIUS i decided to put all it in an omelet and a few omelets later my homie Danielle said i should make a blog out of it. so here we are. in any case, this is the OG Omelet, with a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.

the fact is that this is my go-to omelet. i have never made an omelet with this combo that hasn’t been stellar. the flavors mix almost too well, and now with the turkey bacon combined with the mesquite (a type of smoke flavor) turkey, it just makes it that much heartier. the salty, the spicy, the subtle garlic kick, the hot sauce plus the beany-ness — it is like a finely woven sweater.  i wish i had more to say about this omelet, but really, it’s just awesome. this is my standard.

plus, its one of the easier ones to make.

note: this flip went very well. why? because i was patient. i really let the wrap/eggs cook for a while before flipping, making the burrito shell-like and the eggs much more congealed. this by far was one of the, literally, neatest flips i’ve ever had.

i do believe i still have a few omelets in the proverbial omelet bank, so get ready for some updates soon.

don’t forget, if you have any suggestions, i would be happy to oblidge/take some challenges!

also don’t forget, if you make an omelet, and want me to put it up on the blog, i would be happy to! email with a picture and a brief discription/analysis and it will be posted!

Sausage Sweet Potato Burrito Omelet

September 2, 2009

so let me start this post off with saying: sorry it has been so long! i think my last post was somewhere around 3 months ago? Please understand: after staring at a computer screen all day, when i get home all i want to do is NOT stare at a computer screen — i want to stare at a television screen, and zone.

however, the time has come for me to post, it has been long overdue. plus, i have been pressured by the people i work with at Hunter PR (what up Hunterz?). they’re a fun bunch — and always get a good laugh out of my blog (i’m sure some of them will bust my chops tomorrow, and i think the fact that i’m actually writing this will only further it).

update: i got a new job! it’s awesome — great clients (i’m on the Boys Toys team working for Hasbro, meaning, GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars and Marvel action figures — really couldn’t think of a better gig for me), great vibes, great co-workers, in the city, plus a kickball team! Playback Clothing was fun, but it was time to move on.

side story: today one of my co-workers made eggs, brought them into work, REHEATED them and then put them on bread (which i do not believe was toasted) to make a sandwich. i asked her what was in it, she said NOTHING (no cheese, no veggies, no nothing — straight up eggs). i didn’t respond, smothered all of my desires to go nuts about her eggs, and i just thought: “time to update the blog.” so here i am. i still have two other omelets in the proverbial ‘omelet bank’, but those will have to wait for another day.

so lets discuss this omelet. it was great, excellent, delicious — however, it was really heavy. the burrito, sweet potatoes and turkey sausage was a great flavor combo, however,  the consistancy of the “orange mush” was really viscous and just sat in my stomach like a ton of…potato and burrito mush. tip for next time: don’t get so intense with the mashing, leave in chunks. i don’t really know if that will help the situation out so much, but i think it was too pureed. provolone: good choice. the creaminess of the provolone mixed with the salty sausage and sweet potatoes really accentuated the omelet as a whole quite nicely.  something big: i usually eat all of my omelets with hot sauce, but not this one. i thought the flavors mixed too well together to taint them with hot sauce. also, although hot sauce usually goes with everything, it does not go well with sweet potatoes. maybe next time i’ll think of a good condiment to go with this? maybe a type of mustard? who knows…suggestions?

mistake: i didn’t flip this omelet. usually i put the ingredients in, add the eggs, and then flip it to make sure both sides get toasty. this time i thought the heat would take care of things, but i don’t think it did for some reason. i guess i got lazy. but it was definitely cooked all the way, just not as thorough as i think i would have like to have been. this also could have added to the ‘heaviness’ of the omelet as a whole. by flipping it, it might have eliminated some of the “water weight” of the omelet, reducing the overall weight.

another minor change: probably should have added a little more salt and pepper, oh well.

overall, i’m happy with this omelet. i thought it was creative, but more importantly, tasty.

Sweet N Salty Omelet

May 22, 2009

first of all, kudos to The Chic Girl ( for creating this idea. this is officially the first completion of The Omelet Challenge. please, if you have ANY ideas, please let me know and i will be happy to give it a whirl. thanks chic girl!

this omelet was more sweet than it was salty. it was good, but definitely should’ve been saltier. i thought it tasted much better when i sprinkled some salt on the top of the omelet and then ate it. the salt really made the flavors much stronger.

what i liked best about this omelet was definitely the turkey bacon (i ain’t down with the pig). the hearty/robust flavor of the bacon mixed with the sweetness of the strawberries was awesome. it might sound weird, bacon and strawberries, but really, it was excellent. the thing is that the strawberries were supersweet and really overpowered the total flavor of the omelet. next time ill figure out how to counteract this. maybe smaller piece of strawberries. or maybe even putting the strawberries into the eggs, and the bacon in the center. who knows…we will see. also, next time, more chocolate syrup. you couldn’t even taste it.

my biggest issue was with the eggs themselves. whipping the eggs was no problem. i also put a few packets of splenda into the whipped egg whites to make them sweet (like in marange). this didn’t really have much of an effect. although tasting the whites before cooking, they tasted sweet, after cooking the sweetness completely disappeared. it might not be worth it, but maybe i just need to add more splenda. the real issue though is how fluffy the omelets were. they weren’t nearly as fluffy as the first time i made a fluffy omelet (see the Oh So Sweet Omelet). the problem started when i tried to fold in the egg yolks. this gave me a problem last time, but not as significant as this time. before they’re folded in, the egg whites are super fluffy, but the yolks then water them down. i don’t know what to do with this besides practice to get better. although, my mom did suggest maybe putting baking powder into the fluffy whites and that will really make them light. so maybe i’ll try that next time.

that’s really it for this omelet. it was pretty delicious, but like always, there are things i would do differently to make it better for next time.

once again, thanks for the chic girl for the idea. i hope you like it!

ps. the omelet is not as burnt as it looks. i just used the same pan to fry the turkey bacon as i did cook the omelet. note: i did not clean it in between. whoops. whatever.

Shane’s Omelet

May 20, 2009

i think that this was probably one the simplest tasting omelets i have made, but definitely one of the ones i have enjoyed the most. plus, it was decently healthy.

this omelet was inspired by my friend Shane’s spinach and ricotta roll ups that he makes with filo dough. it’s always a tasty combo and i thought it would be excellent in an omelet. i talked to Shane a while back and in true vegetarian fashion, he suggested to put tofu in the omelet as well; done (if you look in “The Menu” and check out the original recipe for “Shane’s Omelet”, it is only spinach and ricotta i think). before i made this, i called up Shane asking him specifically about the tofu i should get, how to prepare it and how to cook it.  he also suggested marinating the tofu in balsamic vinegar. so kudos to Shane for the ideas/help.

let it be said that this is offically the first time i have ever cooked with tofu. Shane warned me it was going to fall apart, but i really had no clue what to expect. it was tedious to be so gentle with the tofu and pressing it enough (i wasted a ton of paper towels). whatever. after pressing them i just figured the best way to marinate them would be to pour the vinegar on top. it didn’t work out a well as i planned. although there was a slight hint of balsamic, it should have been a little stronger. besides that, the tofu could have been cooked a little more to make it a little crispier. but, oh well.

however, the tofu did make the omelet really light and almost dissolve in your mouth. it was an excellent texture mixed with the creaminess of the ricotta.

i made a point to not overdue it with the ricotta. in the past, i have overloaded the omelet with too much ‘stuff’ in the middle (i.e. the rice in the mock burrito omelet). this proved to pay off. the proportions of ricotta to rest of omelet were excellent. spinach and ricotta is excellent together.

so if you read in my ‘mock burrito omelet’ that i am dealing with some very small wraps. last time fully wrapping the omelet was a challenge. this time, i did something new. my mom suggested that i take the ingredients out of the pan, put the wrap at the bottom, put the ingredients back in and then pour on the eggs and the wrap will do the work for you. it worked. it put the wrap in the middle of the omelet and still cooked the eggs fully. plus, it made the structure of the omelet much stronger and thus, easier to flip.

i don’t think i would really change anything about this omelet, except to learn how to cook with tofu better. it was awesome. although my mom ate most of  it, the bites i had were delicious.

Mock Burrito Omelet

May 15, 2009

so this omelet came out of desperation. a big stable of my diet here at home is the frozen burrito. although it hasn’t been involved too much since i have created this blog, the frozen burrito is also a very common ingredient in my omelets. however, by some nasty force in the world, my house was out of frozen burritos. i had to do something about it. i decided to make a mock burrito omelet consisting of all of the ingredients a frozen burrito would have, plus a little more. it was delicious.

so the first picture below is all of the ingredients: hot peppers, beef flavored rice-a-roni, garlic and pepper seasoning, cajun seasoning, beans and montreal steak seasoning. i really wanted the beans to be hot. the beans had some KICK. the spicy beans plus the hot sauce definitely brought some heat. it was awesome.

although i didn’t need to, i thought it was a good idea to put the beans in a pot first with some water to get the spices mixed around. i ended up drainging the beans of the water because the beans were just chilling in the water not doing anything.  if i just put them in the pan and mixed in the ingredients it would have done the same thing. whatever.

i am starting to realize that i am bad at judging how much stuff needs to go into the middle of the omelet. i should have put less rice into the middle. don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but a little less would have let the other flavors really come out as well. also, possibly too many beans. i think it might have overpowered the egg flavor. it was good though, no doubt.

the guacamole was a last minute addition when i realized we had some in the fridge. yum. the sad thing though is that the wrap i then realized was WAY to small for the omelet. i had to use toothpicks to keep it together. whatever, you win some you lose some.

so overall this was a good omelet. i think that my major issue, as with most of my omelets, is working out the best proportions. this will become better with time though. i haven’t made any of these omelets over again. so maybe on the 2nd round of making some of these, i will learn from them and they will be better.

i like this one though and hopefully ill make one like it again. the past omelets i have had were delicious, but this one i would really call “full flavored” because it had a wide variety of flavors and textures.  awesome.

Doggy Omelet

May 15, 2009

killer omelets is dog friendly.

my house is a house with a lovely dog in it named Dakota. she is awesome and is the best dog ever. although she can be annoying sometimes, she really doesn’t cause any problems. she’s works hard as a therapy dog and i thought she deserved an omelet. there wasn’t really any crazy stuff going on here, i just put all of the stuff she loves, plus onions, into an omelet and i’m assuming she deeply enjoyed it.

this is the only omelet i have not tried. i’m just going to assume that for a dog this was the pinnacle of meals.

Momma’s and Poppa’s Pizza Sandwiches

May 4, 2009

the first pizza sandwich was awesome. for a refresher, check these links:

i had left over dough, obviously i had to make more sandwiches with it.

before we really get into the thick of things, there aren’t a lot of my dad’s sandwich because by the time i made his, my hands were super messy and i didn’t want to get the camera all-gooed-up. it was basically the same thing except with different ingredients, and a hole in the sie of it that leaked the egg everywhere.

Mom’s Sandwich: turkey, brie, asparagus, onions, garlic, sprinkled basil on top

Pop’s Sandwich: avocado, brie (and then eventually i put the leftover onions and garlic from mom’s into it)

so i started off well, got all of my ingredients cooked/prepped and ready to be put into the sandwich. mom’s sandwich was inpsired by an awesome panini sandwich i recently got when i was visiting my bro in brooklyn with my dad. we went to this little bar/sandwich place and i ordered it, it was excellent (they put cranberry stuff on their sandwich which was awesome, but i didn’t). the sandwich was simply turkey, brie, asparagus and cranberry stuff. i added onions/garlic because i think all good omelets can be helped with some onions and garlic. so there.

what i originally wanted to do was put this into muffin tins and make them much smaller. that way i could line the muffin tins with dough, put all the ingredients in, and then put a layer of dough on top and crimp the edges to make something that looked like a chicken pot pie. i was going to call this “the real egg mcmuffin.” however, i couldn’t find the muffin tin, so i did what i thought would be best; which ended up not being the wisest of route.

last time i made the pizza sandwich i used one egg and significantly less ingredients in a much bigger bowl. for some reason i made the idiotic decision of putting two eggs and significantly more ingredients into a smaller bowl.  unfortunately, by the time i realized this, egg was all over the place. i had to figure out a way to seal the dough together to make something like a pouch with all of the ingredients in it. this is why i wanted to use the muffin tins. i though that simply folding over the dough would work, like i said in the last pizza sandwich commentary. this very will still might work, but i didn’t use the right bowl. really, the biggest problem of these sandwiches was the logistics of making it work. i should’ve thought it through a little more. what ended up happening, as you can see in the pictures below, is the egg overflowed. i did my best to salvage them, but most of the eggs on the inside of the sandwich leaked to the outside and simply became a glaze for the pizza dough. not the worst thing, but it wasn’t the egg sandwich i was expecting

the most important part of any of these creations, no matter how look or if they met my expectations, is the taste.

Mom’s: awesome. delicious. the brie was super gooey and the creaminess of it really mixed with the smokey flavor of the turkey. the issue i had with this sandwich was the layering. i should have put the turkey on they bottom, to act kind of like a shelf to hold everything else up. this would have helped the structural strength of the sandwich significantly. i also would have been able to add more onion/asparagus which could’ve been nice. the asparagus/onion flavor isn’t nearly as strong as the cheese/turkey, so adding that could’ve really enhanced the flavor of the sandwich as a whole.

Pop’s: ehhhh. ummm. not the choices of ingredients i would have picked, but my dad insisted on not having meat in it and definitely wanted avocado. i was game to put the avocado in, but i’ve never used it before in an omelet, let alone cook it. this sandwich was pretty bland/boring. there wasn’t really enough of anything going on in this guy. all of the ingredients were pretty subtle and didn’t have any ‘pop’, get it?!

the real issue with this sandwich is that i have NO clue how to use pizza dough correctly. i had waaaaay to much dough on top of this one which made this sandwich more pizza dough than anything else. i find it difficult to thin out without breaking. if anybody has any tips on how to do this more effeciently than with a rolling pin, please let me know.

note: whenever i make my mom an omelet, as well as this sandwich, she always complains that it’s enormous and that she’s not going to be able to eat the whole thing and that she’s going to be full before she’s halfway done. for the record, not ONCE has she not been able to finish an omelet. i blame my good cookin’.

once again, if you have any comments/suggestions/tips/ideas/whatever feel free to leave a comment below.

My First Challenge

April 26, 2009

i have been given my first omelet challenge: the sweet and salty omelet.

submitted by @thechicgirl ( i will use her suggestion to produce a sweet and salty omelet. she states:

The Sweet and Salty Omelet: Eggs Whites beaten with milk and sugar, chocolate chips, fluff, salt, bacon, strawberries!

Dear Chic Girl,

I cannot promise those exact ingredients, but i will do my best to create something up to standards. i have a vision in mind. i do not know when i will get to this. i still have some other posts to put up, and some already planned omelets on the way, but hopefully soon i will be able to conquer the S&S omelet.

word up!

if you have any ideas/suggestions of your own, please feel free to email me.

don’t be shy…comment on the omlets you read and like!


PassLeftOver Omelet

April 23, 2009

so this omelet was officially the first omelet was was not completely consumed. i blame the brisket, but we will get to that later.

i made this omelet for my dad. i didn’t really eat a ton of it except for a few bites. it tasted like brisket, with a lot of gravy.  i would like to comment more, but i don’t recall exactly what i thought at the time. but from what i do remember:

sadly, you couldn’t really taste the eggs or matzo farvel because the gravy simply soaked into them, making them tasteless and mostly mushy. don’t get me wrong, the brisket was delicious, but you can blame my mom for that.

i’ll ask my dad to write a review of it. he will have more insight.

the real issue here was the amount of brisket. i saved some from huge tupperwear that my mom was keeping in the fridge specifically for the omelet. i saved too much. i just put whatever i saved into the omelet and called it a day. mistake. it was HUGE. my dad had to take some out just to attempt to eat this guy. to top that off, he couldn’t even finish it. whatever, i will get over it.

second problem: too much gravy. wayyy too much gravy. in retrospect, i shouldn’t have put any gravy on in the first place. the brisket had enough flavor as it was, no need for it. but i thought it would be a good idea at the time, plus it made it look more interesting. as my dad said about this omelet,  and i cannot believe i would ever hear these words, “too much brisket.”  too much of a good thing.

something i learned: i spoke in past posts about not putting all of the ingredients into the pan at one time. this time i decided to saute the onions and garlic first, knowing that they take longer than everything else. i can’t say it was a drastic difference (this time it wasn’t nearly the strongest flavor in the omelet), but it is a good habit to start getting into.

well, i gave it a shot. there is a strong chance i will never attempt this omelet again. but what type of omelet blogger would i be if i didn’t even give it a chance. i am an equal opportunity omelet maker.

Mac N’ Cheese Omelet

April 22, 2009

so before you get too into it, let me give a little backstory.

when i was little a childhood friend came over. we had mac n’ cheese for dinner. he asked for Doritos, no issue. we just happened to have some. he took a handful, crunched them up, and then mixed it into his bowl of mac n’ cheese. i was blown away. at first i thought it was a little weird, but then i tried it. it was great. what’s not to love?! it’s just more cheesy goodness with crunch! so if this seems a little over the top to you, i cannot take credit for it.

so this omelet was as amazing at it looks. there are a few things to comment on though:

1) i should’ve used a bigger pan. i didn’t realize how much mac n’ cheese one of those single containers of Kraft made. it wasn’t a huge problem, it would have just made the fold that much easier, and it would have covered all of the mac n’ cheese. now that i think of it, putting it in a wrap wouldn’t have been a terrible idea either. it would have made it much easier to eat.

2) what you’ll see in the picture below is that i sprinkled some dry basil seasoning onto the mac before i added the Doritos. definitely a great decision. it added some freshness and a lil’ somthin’ somthin’ to the omelet.

3) i originally wasn’t going to put onions in the omelet. but i was getting a little concerned that there wasn’t enough going on with the omelet. i knew i had to add something else besides the chips and the mac. this summer when i was interning i went to this place called “SuperMac” and they had amazing French Onion mac n’ cheese. so i was inspired. i put in some onions. i don’t want to say it was an amazing decision, but it definitely helped diversify the omelet and brought something to the table.

4) i let my anxiety get the best of me again. i tried to be all fancy and flip the omelet up in the air and catch it in the pan. i have done this before, and i figured with such little amount of stuff in the acutal egg, it would be an easy flip. however, i didn’t wait long enough for the egg to cook and it was still super soft. if i had waited an extra 5 minutes it would have been much easier to do. it wasn’t a big deal though, i got MOST of it in the pan. it just hindered the folding described in #1.

overall, great omelet. definitely some things are going to change for this guy next time. definitely less mac ‘n cheese, bigger pan, stir the chips into the mac in cheese instead of putting them on top, and a few other things probably.

i’m sure it jacked up my chloresterol, but whatever. in the game of omelets, anything goes.

Killer Pizza Sandwich

April 20, 2009

so i decided to make my first sandwich with raw pizza dough that i got from my local pizzeria.  there were a few things i would have changed, but, it was really delicious.

i originally planned this guy to be a small finger food sort of thing; the original idea was for them to be baked into cupcake sized tins. however, it didn’t work out that way. although, that still might be a good idea to try.

i’m not too good at rolling out the dough apparently. i just put it in the ceramic dish and pinched the dough to the sides of it. then i just put in the cheese, chicken sausage and then the egg. what i should have done is rolled out the dough much bigger than the pan and then just folded over the flaps on top to seal it. what i did instead though was try to braid/twist the tough on top to seal it. it eventually opened up in the oven while it was baking.

the next issue was the ratio of ingredients. i should have added one more egg and scrambled them. in the sandwich i only put one egg and didn’t scramble it at all.  i also don’t think putting another slice of cheese and some salt and pepper would have hurt either. my mom thought it would have been a better idea to use the Pillsbury crescent rolls instead, but pizza dough was a great choice. obviously i ate it with hot sauce, always a good decision.

another major issue was deciding at what temperature to bake it at and for how long. i started off at 375 degrees, and set the timer for 15 minutes. however, after 5 minutes of baking, i realized that a) pizza ovens must be much hotter than 375 and b)i have no idea how long it will take, so putting it on a timer is pointless. so i cranked it up to 425 and just sat patiently until it was golden. i would say that after about 15 more minutes (20ish minutes total now), i put it up 25 more degrees to 450 for 5 more minutes to ensure that everything was cooked thoroughly and that the pizza dough would be crispy.

i figure i can really put any of the omelets that i have made in the past into the dough/pan and it would then become a sandwich. i’m pretty excited to see what sort of combinations i can put into the sandwich. now, any omelet can be turned into a sandwich.

i’m still contemplating putting these guys into a smaller tin, i think i will try that next before the dough goes bad. it will make it more like an appetizer sort of thing. we will see.

i realize now that there are no pictures of me making it. next time i’ll be sure to take more pictures during the process so you can see exactly what is going on. my bad.

hope you like it! feel free to comment/suggest anytime.

Darn Good Omelet

April 19, 2009

this omelet was darn good.

i think the key to this omelet was the mesquite turkey. it really had a ton of flavor and when it is cooked until it is crispy, it is nothing but delicious. once again, i think i added too many nuts. note for next time: put less nuts that i think would be necessary. unlike the last time i put cashews in the mix though, i crushed them which definitely added to the flavor and was much better than chewing on whole chashews. however, with peanuts, i think its nice to have them whole.

so a new element: shredded potatoes. my mom picks up these mini potatoes that i usually just cut into slices and throw them in the pan. this is good because you take bites and all of a sudden you have a big potato texture and flavor going on. i enjoy this. but i was thinking about my recent trip to new orleans and all of the waffle houses that we stopped at. they serve their hashbrowns shredded and extra crispy. i figured i would try and do the same. the upside: there was an subtle potato flavor throughout the omelet which i thoroughly enjoyed. the downside: it was a subtle flavor throughout the entire omelet and it wasn’t too strong. also, they didn’t get as crispy as i envisioned. which brings me to my next point.

what i usually do with the omelets its just throw all of the ingredients into the pan at once and just let them sit together and become wonderful. what i’m starting to realize though is that i cannot continue to do this. i need to start with some ingredients, and when they are done, add in the rest. simply, some things just take longer to cook than others.

another thing, once the eggs are in the pan, i get very anxious. all i want to do is flip it over and see what’s goin on on the other side. what i should do is let it cook longer than i usually would let it on the initial egg-adding. this will do two things: 1) make it easier to flip. the more the eggs are cooked, the sturdier they get. 2) will get a nice golden brown coloring and flavoring, instead of a fluffier and softer egg. i prefer it golden rather than soft. but that’s just me.

over all, this was an awesome omelet. i completely attribute that to the turkey. the rest of the ingredients were excellent, but i can/have never go/gone wrong with it. usually i throw in the burrito guts/wrap and take out the cashews and that would be an OG Omelet; my go to.

word up, enjoy.

American Omelet

April 11, 2009

This omelet was great, but there are still things to learn from it.

This omelet tasted exactly what you think an omelet with hamburger, hot dog and cheese would taste like. the original recipe called for A1 sauce which i think would have been excellent on the toast, however, we didn’t have any in the house. so i chose the mastperpiece BBQ sauce, because that’s what we had. it’s a sweeter BBQ sauce which balanced out the strong flavor of the hot dog and complemented the hamburger well. the next issue, the hot dog had a much stronger flavor than the hamburger. the hamburger was much more subtle and more of a background flavor. plus, the hot dog was cut into more pieces than the hamburger, so it was all over the place, while the hamburger was concentrated into bigger pieces. not the biggest issue, but maybe for next time i’ll do something to balance that out.  maybe even smaller pieces of hot dog? maybe ill use ground beef throughout the omelet instead of cutting up patty? who knows. in this omelet, like the ravioli omelet, i used fake eggs to watch my chloresterol. i once again think this hindered the full flavor of the omelet. please, it was still a delicious omelet, but it could have been that much more.

the day i made this was the first day we fired up the grill at my house, which made me pull the trigger on this omelet. note: the hot dog and hamburger were grilled before they were put in the frying pan. although, they could’ve probably been cooked in the pan, i figured it should be grilled like a real american would. everything always tastes better on the grill.

it might have been interesting to put relish, sauerkraut, mayo or mustard on this one. maybe even some grilled veggies? basically anything that could be put on a grill could’ve been added. it could been good. this is what i had, so this is what i did; nice and simple. this would have been good with a beer as well. i had oj which is always a good choice.

i wouldn’t really change anything about this omelet except for next time to use real eggs, and possibly try some different condiments. maybe even some french fries?

overall, a winner.