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an update about an update

January 13, 2010


i know i haven’t posted in a minute, but i have been busy with work. i promise i will update soon. i have made a few omelets in recent history, but i literally just haven’t had anytime to update them — my life is hectic. for now, chew on this gem i found:

The Deal

May 29, 2009

hey people,

so i have good news and bad news. which do you want first?….good news it is then.

the good news: i landed an AWESOME internship at a start-up company called Playback Clothing in Brooklyn. so far i’m having a blast; the people are chill, the work is interesting/fun/valuable and the company is really something i can get behind. Playback makes clothing out of recycled materials (plastic PET bottles and cotton scraps from cutting room floors) and turns them into awesome t-shirts and hoodies. the big deal is that they use the natural colors of the recycleables, so no extra super-harmful dyes are used, unlike other “organic” and “bamboo” brands. so really, this is the wave of the future in terms of eco-clothing. another cool element, theyre focusing on the music industy and plan on being at Bonnaroo and Rothbury this summer. hopefully i’ll be able to go with them! so far they have bands like DMB and John Mayer signed up to sport Playback with their merch. I’m going to be doing their PR writing/editing/social media (follow us on twitter! @playback_cloth). so far, so good.

the bad news: the omelets aren’t going to be nearly as frequent as they once were. the commute to Brooklyn isn’t that bad. i get on the 8:52 bus and get to the office around 10:07ish, and on the return i leave the office at 6:00 and get home around 7:30. the thing is that by the time i get home, i’m exhausted and don’t have the time/energy to make a decent omelet. therefore, i think i’m going to have to leave the omelets to be a weekend luxury. so, it is what it is. i guess it isn’t all that bad because the posts will now be on a quasi-schedule.

so that is the latest! later people!

much love,


ps. don’t forget, if you make an omelet, take pics and write about it, i would be happy to put it on the blog!

pps. don’t forget about the omelet challenge! come up with a fun idea and maybe i’ll make it?!

ppps. don’t forget, follow me on twitter! @killeromelets


May 19, 2009

hey cool kids. follow me on twitter!

Let’s get real people…

April 30, 2009

hello readers,

there is something i would like share with you, and now i think is the most appropriate moment.

so, let’s get something straight. i love omelets. i love making them. i love smelling them. i love feeding them to people. i love eating them. i love everything about them. however, the fact remains that my chloresterol is probably THROUGH THE ROOF. the omelet business is a dangerous business. i really can’t be eating 8 eggs a week without having a triple bipass by the time im 30 (I’m 23 now).

so why am i saying this to you? yesterday i only had three hits on my blog. i don’t blame anybody, it was just one of those days. however, i haven’t been this low in weeks. i understand if there is no new post, why should you look at it daily? i completely understand. what i am trying to express is that this isn’t a daily blog, it is an “as i make omelets” blog.

so to wrap things up, i am trying to encourage you to make your own omelets. make some amazing creation, take pictures and write about it, and i will GLADLY put it up on the blog. i would be happy to hear of other enthusiastic omelet makers. it would be fun to see, plus, it would keep the hits more consistent on the blog.  it doesn’t have to be so super crazy, just get a little creative. honestly, if it was just a cheese omelet, i would probably put that up too. so please, i know you’re out there, if you love them omelets, go ahead, make yourself a tasty meal, take some pictures, write about it and send it my way.

i cannot wait to see what you have come up with.



ps. i am still up for your omelet challenges. send those my way too.

pps. my email is

ppps. please leave comments on the omelets you like/don’t like! any suggestions/ideas/feedback is always welcomed.

Mom’s Omelet II

April 27, 2009

so i made another omelet for my mom. it was great.

whenever i make an omelet, my strategy is simply to put ingredients that i would like together outside of the omelet, inside of the omelet. everybody knows that things taste better in an omelet. i didn’t really have much more than a few bites of this one. it was as good of an omelet with those ingredients as you can imagine.

in the ingredients it looks like there are dark violet things. those are just a different type of potato.  don’t you worry.

i decided not to fold this omelet it half. there was nothing to be put in the middle of it (like cheese or whatever), so i decided just to serve it as one big thing. my mom likes using fake eggs because they’re “healthier.” usually they make the omelet harder to flip and fold, but in this case, it was still pretty easy.

also, what you don’t see in the ingredients list is soy sauce. while all of it was cooking in the pan, the smells and how it looked really reminded me of stir fry.

side note: adding red pepper really adds some pop to the look of the omelet.

this is what my mom had to say about it:

“I liked the combination of ingredients; I would have never suspected the variety would work together so well. Would definitely have this one again.”

do you make killer omelets?

April 14, 2009

hey, do you make killer omelets? do you want to make one, take photos and then write about it? please do and then share with me! i’ll be happy to post it on the blog.


April 12, 2009

skip ahead to 8:52 and watch till 9:00.

complements to my friend avi who picked this up.

Rice Omelette

March 27, 2009

check out what Andrew is doing here:

cheese and chloresterol

March 25, 2009
obviously cheese is included in all of these omelets, but i figured that was a given so i didnt include it in the description. everybody loves cheese. especially me.
my chloresterol level must be through the roof right now…whatever, gotta have my eggs!

menu ideas

March 25, 2009

here are some interesting omelets i think would be good, some of them i have made, some of them are just ideas. so far the ones i have made have been darn tasty.

i still have to create “The Killer Omelet.” hopefully, it will be good enough to kill someone. once i have an idea of what it could possibly be, i will let you know.

let me know what you think of these ideas. maybe i’ll make one for you?

March 25, 2009
these eggs can REALLY kill you!

these eggs can REALLY kill you!

March 25, 2009



March 25, 2009

hey dudes,

so i’m at home; bored out of my skull. i like to read. i like to make omelets.

we dont have a lot of ingredients in my house, so i’ve had to get creative. i think i have done a great job, and have been eating rather well.

soon i’m going to put up a bunch of different combos that i have come up with. some i have made, some i have not. take a look!