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Mom’s Omelet II

April 27, 2009

so i made another omelet for my mom. it was great.

whenever i make an omelet, my strategy is simply to put ingredients that i would like together outside of the omelet, inside of the omelet. everybody knows that things taste better in an omelet. i didn’t really have much more than a few bites of this one. it was as good of an omelet with those ingredients as you can imagine.

in the ingredients it looks like there are dark violet things. those are just a different type of potato.  don’t you worry.

i decided not to fold this omelet it half. there was nothing to be put in the middle of it (like cheese or whatever), so i decided just to serve it as one big thing. my mom likes using fake eggs because they’re “healthier.” usually they make the omelet harder to flip and fold, but in this case, it was still pretty easy.

also, what you don’t see in the ingredients list is soy sauce. while all of it was cooking in the pan, the smells and how it looked really reminded me of stir fry.

side note: adding red pepper really adds some pop to the look of the omelet.

this is what my mom had to say about it:

“I liked the combination of ingredients; I would have never suspected the variety would work together so well. Would definitely have this one again.”